Captain America Civil War 2016 HDTC 1080P x264 Mandarin version rarbt

 Captain America Civil War 2016 HDTC 1080P x264 version rarbt



 Captain America Civil War 2016 HDTC 1080P 5.42 GB

Language – Mandarin [Not Eng]

Captain America 3 Plot · · · ·
Captain America Steve Rogers (Chris Evans Chris Evans ornaments) led the formation of the new Avengers, continue to maintain world peace. However, once members of the League mission accidentally cause a large number of civilian casualties in order to stimulate political pressure, the government decided to adopt a regulatory system to manage and lead the Avengers. Internal Union therefore split into two factions – one led by Steve Rogers, he upholds the freedom of members to protect the world against government interference in the case of; the other is to follow Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr. robert Downey Jr. ornaments), he surprisingly decided to support the government’s supervision and accountability system. Mysterious Pakistan (Sebastian Stan Sebastian Stan ornaments) seems to be a key figure in the civil war ……


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